My new baby Jackson


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Thanks to member flyty808. He has some awesome Jackson's for sale. Just got back from his place and set up little Woody in his new home. I absolutely love his little horns.


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I got my little Monty at 7 weeks old. That was only because my friend's female had given birth and she new that I would do my utmost to take good care of him. I had also been keeping chams for over 3 years, so she was happy I knew what I was doing. At this age keeping them drinking is key. They grow so slowly - mine is almost 7 months now and still only weighs a little over 20g! I have worried constantly about the little fella for the first 4 months or so, as you can suddenly lose them for no apparent reason at around the 4 month mark. I didn't start to relax until Monty hit 6 months.
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