my new baby ate today!


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I got a baby albino ball Python this last saturday! He is so cute and such a sweetheart! I named him meeko and in the few days that's I've had him me and him have bonded and are best friends! He has been hiding in my fiances closet for a month on quarentine and today I offered him a live mouse thinking chances are he wouldn't take it and he did! He finished it fast and looked at me like. "Woman! Keep the food coming!" So I put another one in there and he num numed that one too! My new boy is so perfect! I washing exited and had to share!


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very cool i know nothing about snakes but sounds like all is going great for you and meeko. how long to you have to quarientine him for?


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Everyone quarantines different. But the breeder we got him from had him in quarantine for two months then when we got him we quarantined him for another month till we handled him and till he ate :) snakes are awesome! I think everyone should own a snake sometime in there life


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Ill own a bunch if you want to come over and feed them for me :D

Good to see your guy is settling in nicely.
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