My Neverending Gecko Collection

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  1. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    So my gecko collection just continues to grow...I thought I might as well share and get some of you addicted to geckos ;) My camera is ancient so bare with me on the quality. Occasionally it decided that I went back in time minute it displays 2012 and the next 2003...fair enough. lol

    First up is my precious female, she's just the sweetest little girl =)


    Next is my young spotted male.


    My male, over a year old. He's been exhibiting some strange behaviors lately but is healthy as can be.


    Foster decided he wanted to be photographed too ;)


    And here's my awesome $20 craigslist find. He's a pretty awesome Gargoyle...definitely reminds me of a raptor. His eyes are always enormous!


    Look at that face...


    And lastly is my baby Leachie. Hard to believe he'll grow up to be over 400 grams and over 13 inches!


    Well that's it...I'm up to five!
  2. ataraxia

    ataraxia Avid Member

    Nice! Ive got a leachie that size that wont eat unless it is literally hand fed. what locale?
  3. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    I've had this little guy for a week, he was born December 20 and he's just so little! He's a mix, Isle of Pines x Nuu Ana. I'm so excited for him to grow up. I was able to see his parents in person and his dad is just huge and stunning.

    I realize I call my leachie a him...I bet now he will become a she. Lol
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  4. zjuckett

    zjuckett New Member

    I have three cresteds at home! A tiger, a super dal, and a creamsicle. They're all so cute. I just never get to see them. I had to bring them home over winter break and my grandmother wouldn't let me take them back! She sends me pictures every once in awhile...hahahaha. I feel like all I do is pay alimony checks via Repashy food. ^_^
  5. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    Your geckos are nice, I keep wanting a crestie but never get one. Now what I do have is Williamsi geckos. And they just keep having babies. One 1 male can be in each terriarum, tomorrow i set up terrarium #4, this is out of control. Exo terra just had my latest 18x18x24 delivered today.:(

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