my montium chameleon is rubbing his horns


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He just reached the end of his shed cycle, and he isn't dehydrated, but he is rubbing his horns on things? Do they shed off their horns? Or is this something else? I'm a new mom for chameleons, he's a wild caught montium chameleon about 10 inches head to tail, and he's getting his proper UVB and UVA lighting and he is in an 18x18x18 glass enclosure. Just wondering if the horn rubbing is normal?
any input or general advice welcome
thank you =]
If he is wild caught the rubbing might have more to do with adjusting to 'caged living'. When I have taken in Melleri and had to keep them in a cage, they rubbed their chins on the cage screen for at least a month or so. It is sad to watch but there isn't a whole ton that can be done except larger cages that make them feel more at 'home'. 18x18x18 seems pretty small IMHO. I would shoot for a taller and wider cage. They aren't big chameleons, but I think WC animals do better in bigger cages so they don't feel too constrained.
horn rubbing

I also have a wild caught Montium about 10 inches and he is clear from shedding, fed well and hydrated. Just got him a few months ago and just the last few weeks he started rubbing his horns on sticks also, i know for sure he wasnt doing it when i got him. They dont shed their horn but i think it might be some sort of mating thing or something. I am not sure tho. Montiums are very shy and can be scared or stressed very very easly and require 100% humidity. If you find anything else share the info...thanks!!
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