My Male Veiled does not look healthy


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I'v been researching my chameleon's problem for a couple of days now with no luck. Symptoms will be at bottom of post vv

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male veiled, aproximately 6 months old, i have had him for a little over a month.
Handling - I handle him when he seems to want to come out of his cage, i never pick him up, only let him climb on to me.
Feeding - I feed him crickets every day, and am gut loading the crickets with a green store-bought suppliment, i do not know the name. usually he will down 2-3 crickets once to twice a day. He also seems to have started to like greens (i do not recall the name of the lettuce, but it is chameleon recomended)
Supplements - I dust my crickets a majority of the time i feed my cham, and i use "Flucker's Calcium with Vitamin D3"
Watering - I spray and have a humidifier set up for morning and night time mistings. I spray whenever the humidity drops below 50%. the main way i "water" him is by syringe.
Fecal Description - They are brown and yellow, HOWEVER, yesterday the brown came out normal, and the what is usually yellow was slightly runny. he has never been tested for parasites, out of my knowledge.
History - He was breaded in Africa

Cage Info:
Cage Type - I believe the brand is Exo Terra. it is a mix of glass and screen. aproximately 2 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot.
Lighting - For calcium and daylight i have an Exo Terra Repti Glow 10.0, which i keep on from morning until night aproximately 7:00 am to 10:00 PM. the heat lamp i have is an Exo Terra Heat Glo 120v 60Hz 100W bulb, that i keep on 24/7, lowering the light strength at night.
Temperature - unfortunately i am not sure what the difference in temp is from cage floor to basking spot, but i do have a thermometer. i aim for 70-80 during the day and 60-70 at night.
Humidity - i keep the humidity from 50-80. i have a humidity gauge. i use a spray bottle and humidifier.
Plants - in the tank, no, but i do feed him what i believe is called Collar Greens, (whatever it is, i am positive is chameleon friendly)
Placement - The cage is located next to my desk, in between my desk and my door. there is a vent relatively close it it. The top of the tank is aproximately 4 feet from the ground.
Location - Central New Jersey

Current Problem - A couple of days ago i walked downstairs to check on my chameleon and his mouth was open, he was almost black (more of an intense dark grey) and he was shaking as if he were shivering. i gave him as much ventilation as possible, offered him a cricket which he ate with no haste, sprayed to get the humidity up to 70, and turned up the temperature slightly (the temperature was at 75) he has been very dark colors since, and gapes his mouth rather often, however he can close it and seems to have no problem breathing through his nose. today i came home and yet again, he was black, shaking (not as badly this time) and had his mouth open. I called the pet store owner who seems to know A LOT about chameleons and his advice is to get a digital thermometer and use that instead of the gauge i have now, for he might be overheating if the thermometer is not working properly. Although i trust him, and a drop in temperature seemed to let my cham get some color back, i would love to have more advice. thanks.
first off welcome! first question do you have a probe therm. or just a round guage?they can be very inaccurate and the temps play a major role in the health of your cham. no light at night keep him on a 12 light 12 dark schedule they need darknes to sleep.
are there no plants live or fake in your enclosure? which hes gonna out grow very soon lol .they really dont like to feel exposed and like to hide.
id probably go for the 5.o uvb in an enclosure that small unless the screen is plastic which inhibits the uvb from going through
100 w seems pretty high most use a 40 -60 wayy house bulb to get basking temps inthe low 80s for young and high 80s for adult vields
need 3 supplements calcium with no d3 4-5 times a week
calcium with d3 twice a month
and multivites twice a month
hopefully this helps and there are lots of good threads and info on this site :D
and to your actual question ive heard of them gaping when hot before but they usually turn dark to heat up so its kinda contraversial the way hes acting lol
also, i have never heard of a probe thermometer, but will probably be getting a digital sometime today along with a new heating bulb. i can control the strength of the light though, the hood and cord came with a rotater circle that allows me to turn the light up or down. And he does have artificial plants in there.
Did you really get a veiled chameleon from a breed in Africa? I Definitely wouldn't be running lights on the cage at night even dimmed down. Get a thermometer especially in a tank running bulbs like that. 10.0 seems pretty intense in a small enclosure too, 5.0 would seem more idea in that situation just from glancing. Hope things work out for the little guy more experience keepers will chime soon to guide you to solving the issues at hand .

Also sounds slightly dehydrated by your description of fecal and method of hydrating with syringe, Id spray every morning and few times regardless if the humidity is below 50% and I don't see a reason for night misting if that is what you do.
Check into getting some calcium w/ out the D3 as well which should be used more often than w/d3.

you think its chameleon puberty:confused:
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Hey, my chameleon does the same when he is going to shed. They open their mouth so much thats its almost freaky with a little shake at the end! I freaked out the first time he did it, then he did it again when he was just starting his second shed in my presence. I believe they do it to break the old skin. And its not uncommon for them to get darker before a shed.

But this only happens for a very short moment...
Thanks johnny, but mine just shed last week. but he is good now. i got a much lower watt bulb. went from 100 down to 50. and got a probe thermometer for his basking spot. turns out he was black because he was very unhappy and gaping his mouth from the heat. it turns out we were frying him..
He needs to go to the vet asap. Shaking isn't good, he can't remain like that for long, it's too stressful on him. He's ill.
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