My Little Guys !

Hey everyone ! Here are some pictures of all my pets ! I love them all so much. I hope you enjoy them to :)

Mama Clea !

Her son, Dexter !

Littlefoot, my Bearded Pygmy

Leah, my Leopard Gecko

And last up...Jay my Blue Indian Ring neck Parrot
They all look great Stefan! You have certainly done a great job with Clea-she is a happy healthy chameleon!
Stefan everyone looks sooo healthy and happy!!!! i love the little bearded pygmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have more than the one? i would so be interested in having a pygmy or two... can you tell me more about their requirements????
:D They do look really well, you must be a fantastic owner to manage to keep them all happy once. I think i`d be a basket case with more than Gizzy, lol. Clea and Dexter`s colours are fantastic :D
Thanks everyone !

I only have 1 little pygmy now because my adults died awhile ago and the other babies were very weak and passed. This little guy is the strongest one. I want more though. lol
nice being able to keep some of your offspring thugh isn't it? Ive kept the only baby leo I hatched last year so I can see her grow
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