My little guy Azul


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Hey guys I'm new to chameleons but not new to reptiles. 2 weeks ago I picked up a Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. Heres a few picks. the little guy is tiny but he's growing. When I got him he was about 3 grams and this is after eating tiny cricket or two sooo yea he's small.
This photo is the first day I got him

this one I took last week. Don't let the second pic fool you he's still about the same size I just zoom in a bit.

PS: I think he's a boy but I'm not so sure I got him from LLL reptile. I was told by the guy at the reptile show that he was too young to tell sex but after being on the forums for like a hot ten mins I now know thats a croc and you can tell straight out of the egg.


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hes so tiny about the same size as my nosy be when i got him about a month ago. congrats and welcome to the forum
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