My lil Mobat (Clea baby)


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Here he is Stefan! He is getting so big and demanding lol He is off of his medication and gainning his appetite back!
I snapped a couple shots of him in the big free range, he was in heaven I could barley get his attention lol
(For people who are unaware Mobat was in a big heavy plant that was accidently knocked over by my sister's dog. He suffered from several breaks in his legs.)








Thanks for looking :D
I have 2 sisters of Mobat! They are getting alot of turquoise in them. Good to see some of the offspring of Stefans.
So glad he is doing great after his accident! Love the pictures, and appreciate the up-date. I always worry for everyone and their chams when things go wrong, it is nice to see a good outcome!
He's growing and looks so handsome! He has allot of white where my guys are yellow. Looks good! Glad to hear that he has recovered so well from the accident.
Thank you everyone for the compliments! Mobat has such a personality he literally makes me giggle out loud.

He is such a trooper! He honestly didn't slow down a beat when he was injured. Now he is getting ready to shed :D
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