My home made enclosure


Hi All,

This is my first thread! I have been building an enclosure for my future Nosy Faly male/female pair I'm hoping to get next month at Reptilian Nation Expo in Sacramento. I'm super stoked about how it's coming out and I got feedback that I should share it in a thread, so here I am sharing. The enclosure will be bioactive with total measurements of 4' x 5' x 2'. It's divided so each cam will have 2' x 5' x 2' of space. I'm building a mister (its super easy and way cheaper than mistking BTW). I created custom faux rock panels with built-in planters. I also added drainage. I planted it today with hibiscuses, palms, spider plants, and a bunch of other stuff. Tomorrow I'm adding the doors, doing some painting, adding the branches for climbing, and a few other finishing touches. So close to finishing it.

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