My happy place :)


Chameleon Enthusiast
Thanks chamily for all of your kind words! 🥰 I’m so happy to have finally set the room up and gotten all of my scaly babies in their own room. Now the chameleons don’t have to watch me sleep and the cats and dog are banned from entering. I pretty much trashed the rest of my house…had sticks, plants and their soil everywhere along with tools and what not. I’m still working on putting everything away and reclaiming the space all of the critters had. I even have a dining room again! Whoo! Not going to the reptile expo thankfully. I do have some empty enclosures put away and won’t turn down an animal badly in need of rescue, but other than that, I’ve got all I need and want right now. Yes, there is a cozy chair in there. However I end up sitting on the floor and let Spike run around after he’s had a bath and some real sunlight. When I go in at night to feed the geckos, I love seeing all the sweet little sleeping faces of the chams and beardie. I hope their room and new enclosures make them as happy as it makes me.🥰
That's a bonus of having both diurnal and nocturnal animals; when I go in to feed the frogs I can check on sleeping cham. And, you have something fascinating to watch 24/7!
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