My girlie seems very sick, can someone help?


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Hi, my 5month old female yemen chameleon is totally lethargic and lying on my hand motionless tonight. She has been in great form since we got her approx 3months ago as a baby. We follow all the instructions given and this has just happened tonight. Her eyes are closed and she is very cold. Yesterday I saw her drinking a lot of water from the fake plants in the tank. We havnt changed anything in her surroundings. Can anybody suggest what is wrong. Our reptile shop is not open for another 12 hours for a consultation so we are desparate for some advice
It could be one or more of many possibilities.
She needs to go to a reptile vet, not a shop for an exam and
Where are you? I am presuming not in the states considering the time.
Do you have a qualified veterinarian?
If not I would start trying to find one.

Hey Denise,

Like Brad said, it could be a myriad of things. What would be helpful for us to help you best is if you could answer some questions about the husbandry of your cham.

Under Health there is a thread that describes how to ask for help. It gives you the questions we'll need to know to help. (cage size, lighting, food, UVB, supplementation....)

Additionally, chams can go downhill very quickly. If you do have an exotic veterinarian closeby, it is probably in your best interest to get your cham in asap.

Good luck,
yes get to a vet as fast as you can... I noticed you said 'tank', just that can be the beginning of alot of problems, assuming you meant a glass enclosure
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