My girl finally warmed up to him.


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Sniper caught a glimpse of Cinnamon three weeks ago when I was moving them indoors for a spell when it cooled off here in S. Florida. She gaped and displayed threat coloration at his sight. Ever since then he has been restless, so once they were back outdoors, I aimed a 50 watt heat lamp at Cinnamon's cage to bring the temp up from the 80's at the top of the cage, to the 90's. I hoped this would fool her body into thinking it was summer(breeding season for panthers in Madagascar). I guess it worked, because yesterday morning I let Sniper have a go and he successfully seduced her. Normally I let my chams come into season on thier own, since my outdoor setup mimics thier natural climate, but Sniper was just so restless, I had to empathize with him, being a male myself. After roughly 36 hours, Cinnamon is displaying gravid coloration, so I put Sniper back in his own cage.


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Congrats and Best Wishes. I wish it was easy enough to do tht here in the High-Deserts of Utah. Its about -3*f right now.
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