My first real post and a sad time for myself.


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Sorry to put a dampener on anyones evening but I thought I would share my sad story with the forum.

I have been keeping all sorts of reptiles for quite some time now, a few months ago I purchased 3 jacksoni jacksoni (1M2F) - Yesterday evening I had seen my (appeared pregnant female) sat on the bottom of the cage not moving a lot... maybe looking very inactive/unwell. - I decided to pick her up and put her at the top of the cage as she felt a little cold.

Now unfortunatly I have come home this evening from work to find my 'little miss' has passed away - I'm absolutly gutted.

I will attach 2 pics, maybe you can tell me if she was pregnant (I was told she might be, but its also a difficult time to actually give birth during the colder months).

RIP 'little miss'

Im am so sorry for your lose. I have a jacksoni jacksoni male and I couldnt even imagine coming home and finding him sick or even worse. Once again, I am so sorry for your lose
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