My First Cham Icarus with pics and description of first setup


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Ok so its been a long( process getting everything together but I think I am finally done (other than tweaking it a lil) so here is a outline of what I did that I came up with by searching various topics using the search engine on this site, please let me know if I missed anything, you all have been such a big help already

I started with a 25$ night stand that I got off of craigslist, I cut a portion of the top off so I could set my 2x2x4 reptibreeze over the whole and drill 3/16 size holes into the bottom in a drain pattern so the water could drain into a small tub I set underneath

Next I bought 2x2x4 pieces of Acrylic from home depot and velcro them to the 2 sides and back so I could keep the humidity in, I did have to get a humidifier because its winter here in Maryland and its very dry

I was using a compact light but after reading this sites discussions I decided to take it back and get a double 30" tube that uses 2 24" bulbs, for the first I am using a reptiglo 5.0 and a powersun aquarium bulb for my full spectrum light, I also have a 75 watt heat bulb for basking, I do have a temp humidity gauge inside the enclosure also from walmart

I bought a split leaf plant from Walmart for my main plant and went to michaels and bought grapevine for the vines that go around my enclosure, I just wired them to the wire screen using the wire they use to make bouqets,

I am feeding him small crickets from a local pet shop, I bought repcal with d3( they didnt have without so i ordered that from tiki tiki) and herpvitamins, I have been gutloading with apples although my cricket crack just came in today but im still going to use apples to supply my crickets with water unless someone has a better idea for me
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I think you have done a great job on the set up. You can always ad a few more climbing branches at diffrent levels of the cage. but overall it looks very nice.

I am glad you switched out the coil bulb. Remember the Reptiglow will have to be replaced every 6 months to keep producing UV.

I like how you have the plant up on a stand.

Icarus looks happy in his new home! Thanks for the pictures :)
Cute lil guy, nice set up. Cross branches would be good to add & be care with the grapewood branch at the bottom... you might have mold issues w/ it getting wet from misting & it doesn't help much by sitting on the bottom. I bought 2 and was advised against using it in my set up. JMO. Here's the link to my tread on it.. I ended up nixing it from his set up but use it for his pics and to put him on when he's out of his cage.
I only spent $25 on mine and then $5 on the grape vine, do you or anyone else know what is good to use for vine material that wont cost my first
This stuff is good for baby chams

it is a rubber coated bendable wire We use it in our baby cages. Its easy to cut and shape...

The only bad thing is the rubber coating does get brittle after a while (5 months of use) and you will need to replace it. But that is usually no problem if you have a 16' roll.

You can twist a few strand together to make a thicker 'vine' for older chams
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