my falys showing colors finaly


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my faly faly boy.jpg very exited to see his coloration fire up

Texas Panther Man

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I hope you asked Charlie if you could use his pic. for this thread.

I was about to say the exact same thing Todnedo. That is def one of Charlies' pics off his ad on KS.

So whats the deal OP? Did you buy that faly from Charlie? If not why are you using his pics? And why are you saying they are just coloring up for you? Those falys are wc adults that are fresh imports. BUSTED..........:rolleyes::mad:

Texas Ranger

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I have been seeing this alot latley all over the web. People need to mark their photos. Of course you could probley crop it off.

Mr Wilson

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Who knows. But for someone who's been a member since 2008, you'd think they wouldn't do something like that. Don't know why he would use a picture of a chameleon that's not his though. I don't see the satisfaction in that.


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if it is his cham and he bought cham!!..if its not yer cham, and you are just trying to live the dream..not cool...

but does anyone really think we wont notice eachothers photos??!!??

I can look at some photos of chams on here and instantly know who's they are.. lol


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Busted big time buddy!!!!!!!!!! and i can say that because i'm wearing my underwear OVER my pants.

lisa h

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To the OP: are you going to reply? Maybe you did buy this cham, in which case I'm sure you'll get some apologies. If it's not yours ... care to explain (or remove the pic)?
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