My cricket rearing tub!


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I am looking to start this myself. What do you use as bedding? What about food? Any hints or advice to a beginner? Thanks!


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Well let me go over what I did and had success with!
I started with 2000 crickets, now you don't need this much but I'd recommend around 500 or more your decision get them around 1/2"-3/4" so they are sub adult adult crickets and already pregnant.

What you'll need to do is place them in you storage tub light you normally do but place a small tub of dirt I Used two these sizes

You want to pack them tightly with organic soil / top soil
And get the soil moist not wet and place them in the tub with a ramp into each one so the females can crawl into them they'll automatically be attracted to the moist soil and start laying in them.

Leave them in the adult tub for one week misting them once or twice a day making sure to keep the soil moist if it dries out it'll kill the eggs.

After one week remove them and place them into a large sterilite tub the bigger the better longer and wider is more important than height for temp keeping, and put two holes with screen on the top like this

with a heat lamp on them 24-7 I used a 60w household bulb you want the eggs to stay around 80-90 not below 80 KEEP SOIL MOIST which may take more attention
Also put packaging tape around the top of it!

In 7-15 days you'll see them starting to hatch and hatch and hatch at this point its important to provide some hiding places but not many something like this

Then once they get to about a 1/4" you'll want to start providing them more space by adding egg crate like this

What I did for food for growing them out was I used a mix of
1lb of whey protein
1lb brewers yeast
1/4lb of spirulina
5cups bee pollen granules (with out preservatives)
1/4 rolled oats
2 cups repashy superload
2cups repashy calcium plus
1lb nori (sushi wrap)
I put it all the bigger things such as the nori and bee pollen in the blender to mince it up very fine then I took all the ingredients and put them in a mixer and mixed them together very well!
With the pinheads you'll want to put the food all around the edges of your tub as that's where they seem to go the most
For moister I used paper towels folded up to fit in a glad container lid you want to fold it up a lot so it will retain moister better I'd say 2-3" before you get it wet soak it down very well then give it a light squeeze jus so it's not dripping anymore I then spray down the paper towel 1-2 times a day so it stays moist (can use water crystals once they get about 1/8")
I think that's it? Remember to keep the heat lamp on 24-7 so they'll grow quickly for you it also helps keep they're environment dry!
Hope this helps you all!
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