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Well my crew are gonna be giving me some high fives tomorrow. Just got em in a shipment of bb flies today. They will go crazy tomorrow. Coolest thing you can feed your chams with maybe the exception of mantis or green hoppers. I havent seen a cham that didnt like flies........;)
I recently got some BB flies and house flies to feed my Mantis and Chameleons. Believe it or not my Panther wasn't even interested.:eek: He doesn't like roaches either. Everyone else like'm though.
My pygmies love bb flies. They can be a mouthful, but they don't care. :D I've never seen pygmies actually run until I gave the bb flies.
I ordered from mantisplace also. Although I think my order I just got was all dead. :rolleyes: So far all the spikes look dead. I put a basking light on them to see if they will pupate today. So we'll see.....
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