My Crew


Well I have been lurking on here awhile so I thought I'd finally post and introduce my crew 2 Veileds and 5 Panthers.

My youngest Veil came from Cleathechameleon I still haven't given him a name I am hoping I come up with one for him soon


His future wife Pickles (because she is such a sour puss) I got her for free from a pet store that thought she was a male and everybody in there was afraid of her because she is mean as sin. I pulled her out of her enclosure to look at her got bit multiple times then told the owner he was a she and they were like you want her take her she is too mean to sell. LOL


My First Ambiole Belak came from KaleidoscopeChameleons

Belak at rest

Belak fired up

My Female Ambiole Karma came from Jerm on here he neglected to tell me he had bred her so she gave me 21 eggs 3 weeks after I got her.


My male Nosy be Skie came from a local girl he is from wild caught parents.


My Female Nosy be Violet from Jim at The Chameleon Company


And my last addition Ellwood the Sambava I found on here in the classifieds section. He's the biggest panther I have ever seen.


I want to thank everyone for the info posted on here I thought I had pretty good set ups. But the ideas I got from here helped me make my guy's enclosures alot better for them. Especially my Mist King system I love that thing.
Hey! Welcome to the forums. That's a really nice group you have there -- Karma is really pretty. Interesting stories on how you obtained your chams, especially Pickles.
Welcome to the forums man:cool:!!!

Awsome collection of chams:)

thye all look super healthy and well cared for, glad for you to join our "Cham-family":p


Welcome to the forum! I have a male from Stefan too, such a fun little guy.
Your chameleons are beautiful, Ellwood looks like a curious guy :)
wow, cool pictures of Belak's color range.
that blue shape in the very middle of his body almost makes a heart.

great Crew you've got here.
terrific grp of kids ya got there! love your sambavas! and i LOVE the name (and reason) for your female veiled! =)
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