my collection:)

Ive been keeping chams for many years now, and have had some extremely rare species over the years, most of which are not obtainable anymore, and was the first to successfully hatch out cephalolepis in the US years ago:)
Anyways, here are a few pics of the crew as of now:), I currently have 2.2 hoehnelli, 1.1 johnstons, and 13 captive born hoehnelli babies which are about 4 months old, and some johnstoni eggs in the incubator:)

pics were all taken w my iphone4 camera btw lol






Your chams are really nice.I would like to get hoenelli as soon as i set up another enclosure....
Thank you. Ive had many hoehnelli over the years, a few wild caught and lots of cb babies but, I have never seen one with the coloration of my big male, the turquoise in person is incredible contrasting w the black, and hes huge!:)
Thanks for sharing! I love to see other types of chams, other then the normal veiled and panther varieties. (Those are nice, too, just like variety) Keep the pics coming...
thanks everyone! Im hoping to get a pair of K. Xenorhinum or K Carpenteri this year but for some reason I dont think that will happen lol
That pair of johnstons is awesome man. Your male is a stud. You should be very proud of those man... Hope to see some more pics and some cb johnstonns in the futire. ;)
Ill try and get some decent pics of the babies tomorrow, and motherlode youre very observant!: :), ya I have some pretty decent sized cages in the backyard w a mister system I try and keep them in during the spring and summer and I bring them underneath the shade canopy thingy I made when it gets hottt
When the johnston's eggs hatch if you plan on selling any let me know. My girlfriend just sold the lst two babies she had from a lone clutch before her female died. She planned on keeping a pair so as shed have one of either sex to breed if she came acroos either sex but she ended up with a lone male and now just has two lonely males, the son and father. Lol They are my favorite horned species.
That first pic is awesome.They look like they are made of turquoise with the bluegreen and the black...Very nice..
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