my chameleons new home


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My chameleon is moving up in the world. he is getting a new home.
going from his 12x12x30, to a flipping mansion

this isnt the finished product, but it will be done by sunday.

I modified them a bit to fit my needs.
instead of using 1/4" mesh, i just used aluminum screen,

as for the frame itself, i stained it mahogany, and for the trim i staind them cherry pine.

i got the plans from here:
cage plans for 2x2x5ft wooden cage

thanks serenitystarlite for submitting the how to on your build.


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Very nice work! Might wanna wait till your babies a little older to put him in that mansion though.


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Very nice work! Might wanna wait till your babies a little older to put him in that mansion though.

I agree. That's too large for a 2 or even 3 month old. I'd wait until 5 or 6 months to move him into that mansion. The young ones have a hard time finding their food in such a large cage. It will be excellent though for later on. :)


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thats looks nice but like said it is large i just built two new enclosures, and am getting a new panther tomorrow but am planning on keeping him in my smaller exo-terra untill he is big enough.
very nice cage tho


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I didnt even think of him not being able to find his food.

well i guess he can wait a couple more months to move in.

its ok that will give me time to get, the new misting system setup on it, and get all the plants and vines set up.


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i am doing the same thing but mine is 29''d 38''w 72''t. i am not as far along in finishing it as you are but i hope my guy is happy. went from a 12x12x18, that lasted a week. didnt like how small it was and petstore said it would last his hole life ( veiled cham ) so i got him a 2'x2'x3'x screen, its lasted 3 months before i didnt like how small it is.
if a few days i will be posting pics or maybe tomorrow i will post some on how far along i am

on a side note i think i am overly happy about my new cage.
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