My Chameleons & I are sick of this winter


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I would love to... but we don't have a fence or screen porch and I've had an old glass cage stolen off my porch before. Not risking a stolen chameleon!:(


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We are already sick of it too! I can usually house my guys outside at least 6 months of the year.

I use the same indoor cages I use for outside use. 16x16x30 screened cages. I keep small species so its nothing for me to transfer all 9 of them in and out. I keep my animals outside day and night as long as it doesnt get below 45 night time (with acceptable temps to warm up in the day) and above 85 (with plenty of shade and frequent waterings when it is in the upper ranges. Only around 4 more months to go for me to be able to get everyone back outside:(


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I honestly feel for all u guys living in the cold climate. I know you viewed my post of my new outdoor cage. It is a great size and super design if you check it out again. i did not build it so I cannot tellyou how it was actually done. But I am sure you could do it from the picuture if you are handy!!!
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