My chameleons favorite spot to sleep is under her basketsing bulb


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She is not full of eggs because I was over feeding her I was feeding her 10-12 bug but now I feed here about 4 bugs each day.


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I’m not meaning to gang up on you, you’ve been given some really great advice by some veiled chameleon keepers and they know what they’re talking about because they’ve taken care of their own for many years as well as helping everyone here with knowledgeable advice and experience. In order for your beautiful girl to thrive right now she needs a lay bin with at least 6 inches deep of washed play sand in it. It needs to be in the bottom of her cage with a stick or something she can climb in and out by. Now you say she isn’t full of eggs, she’s just overweight. That’s possible but two of the very smart veiled ladies here think she might have eggs. Veileds can produce eggs even if they’ve never been with a male. Just in case why not go ahead and make the lay bin and put it in because if you don’t and she does have eggs she won’t lay them and it will become an emergency requiring surgery and you will have a huge vet bill. Now I know your getting another cage soon but in the meantime in order for your girl to feel comfortable, protected, and safe she needs more plants to hide in. You can find them pretty cheap at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or even wal mart. Pothos are great and they grow fast. We just want your girl to do well as much as you want her to. Let us know if you have any questions or help with anything okay?
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