My Chameleon just fell...


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She was climbing outside of the cage and she slipped off the side and fell down to my desk. it was about a 1.5' fall to 1'. she was very scared and shaking afterward but now she is just about back to normal. She landed on her feet, but I just want to make sure she is okay. Is there anything I should know?:(:confused::eek:
Its not uncommon for a cham to fall now and then. You just need to keep an eye on her for a day or two. Make sure she didnt hurt her legs. Watch for anything not normal. But other than that, It happens.
Happened to me yesterday and a few times before. Luckily I have carpet throughout the house so she was fine. Just watch for any signs of stress.
that's happened to my girl a couple times too. she just kinda laid there until i picked her up. her legs were out like she was a star, or splattered on the ground. she was scared too. no harm was done though
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