My cham seems a little off?


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Hi everyone this is my cham she is 2 years old, i feed 4-6 items dusted with calcium every 2 days or so, gutloaded crickets, wax worms, hornworms (very occasionally), occasional pieces of carrots or cantaloupe. I also recently started giving her a liquid multivitamin about 1x a week meant for reptiles. I think shes beggining her egg laying period again because shes been roaming a lot and refuses to stay in her cage. I have an automatic mister set up, uVa and Uvb. My concern is the darkness around her eyes. And she seems a little frail but im not sure. Shes eating well, active. But just wanted some opinions on someone else how she looks?Anything im doing wrong? Much appreciated


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IMO she looks skinny and 4-5 crickets isn’t enough. She should eat double that. Maybe increase worm feedings

Lay off the multi, you can over do it. Once every 2 weeks.


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Is your calcium phos free D3?
What is the vitamin? Does it have D3 or prEformed vitamin A?
Has your chameleon laid eggs then? How many? How many times? When?

In the last two photos she's very thin, as was already said. She shouldn't be that thin. Issue is that if younoverfeed her it may make her lay more eggs and larger clutches.

Has she been tested for parasites lately?
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