My Cham loves Brocolli. Is this ok for him?


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I have searched hi and low for veggies that are ok for chams. All I find is veggies to gut load with.

I have a 10 or so month old male veiled.
He does eat crickets and worms also.
But I see he had a liking for brocolli and sometimes celery.

I had the broc and celery in there with the crickets and after he ate the crickets he ate the veggies too.

So I started giving him these veggies on no cricket days.

I just want to make sure this is ok for him.

Thanks in advance.
i dont bevive that brocilli is great, i think there is something in there that dosent go well with chams, i belive it blocks absorbson or production of something. i would type it in on the site search and see what pops up. i give my cham lots of friuts and veggies i just am very carfull how much useually only 3 or so cricket sized pcs every other day, mixing it up each time.

Can you tell me what veggies you do feed? He seems to like green things. He won't eat carrots or grapes.
It contains high oxalate that block your chameleon's calcium absorption rate. So, if i were you, i would not load my chameleon with broccoli. As far as your other questiom goes, i would recommend kale, collard green, and dandelion. Avoid spinach as it has the same problem with broccoli.
As dodolah said, broccoli is not a good vegetable to feed because it interferes with calcium absorption. This site has great nutritional info on commonly available fruits and veggies. Aim for high calcium than phosphorus and avoid oxalates and goitrogens. The site is for iguanas but the concepts are exactly the same!
seems like you have your answer. as stated twice before, broccoli contains high oxalic acids which interferes with calcium absorption. spinach, and large amounts of kale and collard as well. SandraChameleon has awesome blogs on nutrition. check her out :)
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