my cham is brown when i spray the plant, what does that mean?


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:confused: hi, i dont kno if my rudis cham is ok. i dont even kno if she is pregnant. i need some help here, plz.when ever i spary her she turns brown and sometimes even black alittle. i dont kno what i am doing wrong of whats wrong with her. I NEED HELP!

heres my e-mail. [email protected]
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If you aren't already, try using warm water; maybe 90-100F so that when it is misted, it will reach her without being cold. She's probably turning dark because she is stressed by the event. If you are using a trigger-type sprayer, switch to a hand-held pump-up type plant mister available at places like Home Depot. Squirt-squirt ends-up more like blast-blast, while the pump-up types give you much more control over the mist pattern and intensity. Keep track of the humidity using a digital temp/humidity meter available at places like Lowe's for about $12.
My female veiled used to turn black when i sprayed her with the trigger type, i now use a plant mister and she's much happier - i'm also using warm RO water and she's starting to drink it now ( not much yet but it's a start ).
I'm still using a pipette to give her a few drops of water too - obviously cooler than what i put in my mister bottle.
fill your spray bottle with water that has been in a kettle, its the best type of water to use but dont use hot water! lol
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