My cham doesnt like me :(


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I have a 3.5 months old veiled. He is healthy, active and happy. However, he doesnt like my hand. I try to pick him up by spreading my fingers on his path and he just turns away. if i try to touch him he hisses and will do everything to avoid it.

He used to be my friend's and when my friend spread out his hand he walked into it and wasnt stressed by it at all. with me, its different. My friend had him since he was a baby till he was about 2.5 months old. ive had him for a month. he eats meals from my worms, but is completely cautious while doing so. any ideas on how i can get him to like me? thanks
At first you should know that you have a chameleon, not a dog! :mad: Chameleons don´t like us at all. But if you want your chameleon to get use to you, you should be always around, but not moving fast or something like that. Be patient. Try to give him a hand every day but don´t force him to climb onto you. It´ll take some time, but I think it isn´t impossible.
Good luck! ;)
Best luck I've had with getting 'em friendlier was to read around them. You're quiet and you don't move much. It can give your guy some time to get used to you. Have you got a chair near him where you can read, watch television or do something on the computer?
don't worry

mine hates me too. your not the only one. i have a breed of cham that doesn't really liked to be bothered anyhow, so it kinda works out. now that i think of it every species is different but u are not really spose to handle the little guys anyway too much.:p
Well some veileds do get some what friendly. My male use to be a pretty nice chameleon. As nice as you can be for a chameleon. Still cooperates. I actually just took a serious of photographs. He does not like the camera. I put it on his basking branch and proceded to snap away. He charged the camera. I think this is what kind of reaction you can expect from a grown up alot of the time.

osamabad 003.jpg osamabad 004.jpg osamabad 006.jpg osamabad 007.jpg

These are all within seconds of each other. First one just saw me. Second getting ready for me. Third and fourth are deceptive because he moves real slow like he is scared. Fifth and six I left out due to blur as I was getting the hell out of there. I would note when I open the cage normally he does not do this. He saw the camera and would usually run away. He does not like stuff on his basking branch and that is where I was.
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