My brand new Pygmy Chameleon enclosure!


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Hey guys! I finally have my enclosure set-up, and running nicely. I think I found a good misting schedule and all that also. As you can see I put plenty of branches and foliage for them to climb on. And thanks soooo much to "roo" for the article on making a Pygmy Chameleon set-up! You can see I obviously utilized every word of it! I am super excited also since I am getting my group of R. Brevs tomorrow morning! I will definatly add pictures when they arrive. Please feel free to post any tips or advice for me here! Thanks!!!




nice looking exo-terra set-up you have there binaryterror ... :cool: what size tank did you get? your pigmy will feel right at home once you get him/her settled in post more pics.....;)
Thanks, my Exo-Terra is the 12"x12"x18" model. I really like it, but it is hard to reach in there with it being only 12" wide. Anyways, I finally got them! They all came packed super good, and extremely healthy looking! I ordered them from Fl Chams and I am sooo happy I did. I have 2 males and 4 females, and they all seem to be happy and peaceful. Although I keep seeing this one male trying to breed with every female there is, and I dont know if that is normal? I just bought 50 crickets for them today at Petsmart, and am about to feed them. I also got his (Fl Chams) last 2 CH females! So, I am hoping for some little babies soon! Well enough blabber, PICS!!!

Yeah, they pics are not so good, but pretty decent considering it is a $75 camera! LMK what you guys think!







Yeah, they pics are not so good, but pretty decent considering it is a $75 camera! LMK what you guys think!
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Looks very nice.
What you do with water that collects on the bottom?
Tell us more about setup details
Thanks alot! The water doesnt really ever collect on the bottom due to the layed design that I got from "roo's" guide. The bottom layer is basically fired clay balls. They absorb any water that gets through the other 2 layers. I then seperated the bottom tow layer with a poly foam layer. The middle layer is activated carbon that I bought from Petsmart in the aquarium isle. Finally, the very top layer is just this fake moss. I dont remember the name though. I spread some crumbled leave on the top layer for cosmetic purposes, and put some broken up twigs also. I am thinking of adding a little top soil to the top layer for looks, but I am not sure yet. So yeah, so water really gets to the bottom, and if it does it will get absorbed by the clay balls.

But anyways, I think I have found the 2 males... fighting. I am not sure yet, but they do have very similar markings. The one male keeps trying to get on top of the other male, and wont let him leave. They both flattened their bodies at eachother also. I am very worried. I think I am going to have to call FL Chams tonight so we can figure something out. I really hate to see that little guy getting kinda picked on...

On the positive side, I put some crickets in and I personally saw 4 of them eat! It was so cool since these are my first chams. i love seeing the tongue fly out! But they are all looking great still. Thanks for your comments!
Great Pics!! nice looking pygmies you got there binaryterror!! and quite a bountiful group too........there might be a problem with keeping em all in one enclosure, not sure as to pygmies but i know it's not advised to keep chams( panthers/veildeds) together for too long......

but i'm sure with a bit of time , they'll all get adjusted to their new home and start doing what chams do best.....:cool:
Thanks. And yeah, pygmys can and like to be kept in groups. Normally with 1 male and a few females, but Mike at Fl Chams said I can get 2 males and 4 females. He knows what he is doing so I did it! I sure am glad I did! They are great little guys.

Oh, and I also wanted to ask... how will i know if a female is gravid? I have some that sure do look fat. And I can not imagine trying to find tic-tac sized eggs in my substrate! Any suggestions?
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Congrats on your new pigmy tribe.
How about taking a picture with one or two in you hand so we can get an idea of their real size. It's hard to tell from your photos. In fact they kind of look a lot larger than what I expected them to be. And yeah a couple of them look downright plump.
Oh and and one more question if you don't mind, I was wondering what sort of price tag those little guys had on them?

All the best with them. :)
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Thanks! I bought all of my group from Fl Chams. The CH females were $20 per chameleon. The WC chameleons were $15 a piece. Although I bought his last 2 CH ones. Here are some pics I just took this morning for your reference:





I also just took this video with my digital camera. The quality is not good, but at least you can get an idea of what they are like... haha. Here is it:

The tank was really easy to setup. Just added one plant, with the substate layers, and then the sticks that I gathered outside. These guys allow alot more of a "natural" looking enviroment.
I would like to know how you do using moss as your top substrate layer. I use dirt mixed with sand for my top layer in the pygmy enclosures, and the females readily lay eggs in it.. it would be interesting to know if they will in moss as well.
I will let you know. Although I have no idea how I am going to find any eggs in my substrate. I may just switch it out for topsoil. What is the purpose of the sand in the dirt?
The enclosure looks good however the top area is pretty open. I would string up some Spanish moss between the sticks to add cover. Some air plants glued to the back would look nice too – that and some cork pieces for them to hang out on. I think the females will lay eggs regardless if there is soil or not. They will probably lay them under some moss. Not sure how well they would incubate that way though. I’ve never tried it since I collect my eggs and the enclosures have soil.

There are also way too many chams in that setup – the two male thing will eventually cause problems too. Females CAN show aggression with one another too if they are cramped. For a tank that big, I would probably put a 1.1 or a 1.2 size group in there.

Yes, males want to breed all the time – that’s normal. Start thinking about what you plan on doing with the eggs/babies now.

The fat females are most likely gravid. After laying eggs, females are noticeably thinner.

Please make sure you gutload those crix well before feeding them off.

Well that stinks. Mike at Fl Chams told me I could have this many... Oh well, I think I know someone that I can see a male and a female or two to. That way I can have the proper amount.

What gutload would you suggest? I am using oranges, and a wet paper towel for water. Is that OK?
Binary Terror, if you plan on keeping these for an extended amount of time, you should have two bloodlines anways. Purchase and setup a second cage so that each can house 1.2 in each cage. Then, the offsrping from these two "bloodlines" can be bred giving you a few years of sustainable keeping.
Binary Terror,

You may condiser letting everyone know that once you called me about your agressive male I asked again how large your setup was? I believe you are the same person / correct me if I'm wrong. And when I found out it was 12 x 12 x 18 I suggested the same as Will Hayward as far as splitting them up. I have housed a 2.4 in a little bit larger tank with no problems at all. Realize that many environments work and everyone has different ways of raising the Pygmy's. I have raised many of them up and have worked with them for a couple of years now with no problem. 2.4 is a great diversified group of them to start a breeding project. Good Luck with them!
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