My Beautiful Amy!

Miss Lily

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Just a couple of new photos of Amy I would like to share. She is doing well after laying her first clutch, although I'm sure she would prefer to be fed more often - she sticks her tongue out ready for food if you even just look at her! When she gets just a glimpse of the 'magic white pot' (the food cup!) she goes nuts and has her tongue half way out ready to aim before I even open the viv door!:D I love her to bits!


A little better I think, although I have my doubts that 5 days of Bayril hardly touched her at all with their metabolism being so slow. She doesn't dangle it any more so I'll keep an eye on it and if the swelling returns I will take her back to the vets. The weather over here is just awful at the moment so I would rather not take any of them out to the vets right now. If it's not sub-zero and icy then we have strong winds and heavy rain like we have had all week! Ugh!
she is so cute tiff, and boy does she have some nice thick healthy arms and legs lol. shes a pretty lady :)
Tell OUR beautiful Amy hello and give her an extra locust from Auntie Laurie. She even looks like she is hungry. This just don't know what is best for them.
Oh Laurie! You have no idea how she keeps pestering for food! All I have to do is stand in front of the viv and she leans over the branch and pokes her tongue out! I thought Lily was greedy, but Amy is just something else! I have even considered getting a fecal done - surely she can't always be THAT hungry?!:eek: When I was wiping the viv floor the other day she was following my hand around trying to zap my watch! That's how bad her gluttony is. I'm now beyond feeling sorry for her and am being more strict than ever. I just show her the mister and she runs and hides instead of begging for food, lol!:D I am determined that she will be with me for a long time yet! She'll be two years old next month.
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