My baby's on the way!


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I just checked the tracking number and it said PICKED UP! My new juvi jacksons wil be here in less than 24 hours ! Thanks again lance, if he's the quality max is (and I know he wil be) he wil be GREAT!

P.s. What do y'all think about the name Morpheus? It was kind of a convoluted thought process that brought me to it, but I like it.
I'm sure he will. Will do, my mom will be receiving him and putting him in his new home, but I'll try and snap a few pics when I get off work.

Mom has been cham setting max while I'm at work and she absolutely loves him (which is kind of a shock because she's not really a reptile person), but hey who can help but love a chameleon?!
He's here! Mom placed him in, his cage about a hour ago. She said he was well packed and alert, headed right to the basking spot. I'll try to post some pics this evening.
I can't wait to get off work and see him!
stanly:im excited for you too..and cant wait for you to get off work either lol...i can only imagine your excitement..its gonna be one long day at work for you some pics when you are done ooohing and ahhhing at your new baby:D
wait a second you didn't rig up a live internet feed so you could watch the box opening and exchange into the cage??? :)
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