my baby deremensis pics and questions


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Here's some pic of my new deremensis and his cage. The deremensis came from mike at flchams. i am very pleased. He is very calm. he doesn't wander his cage much and he eats about 2 to 4 baby crickets each day.(out of the ten crickets thats put in his cage) he isn,t like my panther that runs after food. he calmly walks but if the baby cricket is to far he isn't chasing it. Is he eating to little?? or is it hes not used to his cage yet?? i have had him since tuesday and i love him already. his cage is 2x2x1. i have a promist misting system that is set for 5 times a day for ten min each time. i also have a humidifier that is set for 4 times a day 30 min each time. I also have a very good drainage system that dries the floor of the cage very fast. reptisun 5.0 and a 15 watt basking light. any costructive criticism would help greatly.


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nice pics

Hi liljoe - congrats on getting a deremensis :)

I don't have any personal experience with this species, so I can't really comment on their behavior. Your cage is looking good; the misting system and humidifier should go a long way to maintaining a healthy cham. What kind of temperatures are you providing?
brad my temps are around 74 to 72 during the day and at night around the
70's. its a little hard to get it colder in new orleans but i do have a ceiling fan that keeps him a little cooler at night. i will be adding more small branches today or tomarrow. i would like to thank mike, ed and liddy kammer, eric, jason and leah, and zerah for all their help with providing me the neccesary info i learned from them to help me take care of the little guy!! thanks to everyone!!
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