My 6mth old looks like your adults. Thats good right?


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How much and how often do you feed? I know chams can grow at different rates, but i also believe that they can be overfed just like any other animal. Overfeeding can be just as bad as under feeding and can shorten the life span of an animal IMHO.


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he's to shy to pick-up.

He eats 6-8 crickets and 2 small silkworms daily.

I say he's 10" head to tail??


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sometimes chamelons look way bigger in pictures. The true way to tell is to measure and weigh him.


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He wont let me get near him he hangs upside down from one of his branches.

In regards to the last pic I saw his blow himself up. I think he thought the phone was another cham cuz it's got a bright orange case.


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My ambilobe was big at that age, I think he just went through a growth spurt young. He's a decent size now at 2yrs.

My opinion is your guy looks good! Colorful little man.
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