My 265 gallon Reptarium


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I finally got my 265 Reptarium set up. I got it fairly cheap, and it was easy to set up, but it's a little flimsy for my taste. I'm already making plans to build a custom enclosure. Here are a few pics.
Hi pitty, is this the Exoterra Flexarium ??? I´m thinking of buying it, but have no other elses opinion ´bout this enclosure. Can you see through the front screen when it´s closed? And what about the heating light on the top ....... no smell of burning? :) thx
It's actually a Reptarium brand You can see through it fairly well, but not the greatest. I had a 100 watt halogen bulb on top, and it started melting the mesh. I now have a regular 100 watt spot bulb in a 10" dome, and so far, no problems.

What is his source for UVB? Make sure that he can get within 6"-12" from it. If you don't have one, get a Zoomed Reptisun 5.0 tube.
I've got a reptisun 10.0 along with a compact flouresent bulb. His basking area is about 1 foot below it, and there is another vine that goes right underneath of it.
Retarium is the American Name for it. Flexarium is the Canadian/International Name. Same Brand, Same Product.

Add plenty of light atop the cage and you can see though them just fine.
I would recommend adding some flourescent lighting on the top. These are pretty cheap and will light up those reptariums with out extra heat build up or extra money on utilities. I bought a double light one at Home Depot for $15 with bulbs. They range from $8-40 just depending on the style you like. The one I got was 30' which would rest nicely on the top of you cage.

The reptariums are kind of flimsy. If you decide to keep it you can do a couple things to make it a little more sturdy. Securing vines with wire ties to one pole and another one. When doing so make sure that the slack is out of the vine and the wire ties are tight. A couple of these and they become very rigid. Also if you like real branches. Making ones that run up vertically with the poles will make them more sturdy.
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