Music to chameleons


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My boy Rango has different reactions to what kind of music I put on. Like, i'll put on rock music and he will turn his pissed off colors. But if I put on dubstep he goes back to his happy colors. He does this everytime I have music going on in my room. I know they can't hear, but they do pick up on vibrations. I think it's funny that he likes dubstep better? haha.

Do you guys have any stories or anything like this?
Chameleons like dubstep :eek: whats this world coming to. Mine prefer dnb;)

OMG, a post with noth Dubz and DNB in an Old Skool party kid, I gotta love that.

I love Dubstep, especially Robostep, but I will always have love for my dnb.

I have never tried playing any music for my chams, but I would imagine that it is the bass that gets them. From my understanding, chams can't hear, but can detect vibration... and there is plenty of that in Dubstep AND Drum and Bass. :)
I'm going to ostracize myself even more for this but . . . Solitaire seemed to really enjoy WillSmiths Gettin Jiggy with it this morning. Brightest I have seen her :)
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