Murph the wormslayer!!


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After a few very lonely days without a cham to take care of, and loads and loads of additional research - I went cham shopping and found this little guy. He was the healthiest looking of the 6 stores i visited, and i fell in love with his amazing looking eyes. We named em "murph" and took a vid of him eating some silkies, thought i would share with you all!

Im not sure if these fourms allow embedded vids, however ill give it a shot here...

if that didnt work.. here is the direct URL:
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Haha fantastic! Which store did you get him from?:) There was one male I wanted to save from Modern Pets but I already have 3 chams :(
I got em from the one acrosse from kahala mall. Its the only store i have seen on the island that house the chams seperatly in their own enclosure.

I have never been to modern pets, ill have to check it out tomorrow, almost out of crix so time to get more.
That was a good video. You could see when the worm caught his eye. The cage looks pretty nice from what I could see too.
2 more vids to share with you all, first one is nothing intersting really, but who doesnt love cham videos right? just talking to murph as i feed em here -

was wondering if there is a rule of thumb on silkies for feeder size. i feel like i recall seeing a link regarding hornworms, and im sure that talks a bit about size of worm vs cham age? i feel like these silks are to large for my little fella, but its so hard to come by silks here that i picked em up anyways.

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