Multi Vitamins Panther Babies?


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How often do you recommend giving multivitamins to panther babies preferably 1-4 months old. I was under impression twice a month depending on reactions and other factors. Also I have owned my panther for about 1.5 months and I have been dusting daily with repticalcium without D3 most feedings. Use retpisun 5.0 and no natural sunlight. I do dust lightly but is that to much calcium daily ? I have reptivite by zoomed multivitamin which contains d3 but I have not used this yet in the 1.5 months I have owned her. I wanted to start adding the multvitamin to my schedule and would like some opinions when I should have started and how much I should be giving my 3 month old panther girl. She is healthy now and I would like to keep her that way so I want to make sure I administrate properly. I understand there is not one set formula I just like to know the basic to start with till I can learn if adjustments need to be made. Thank You


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what brand of multi vitamin?
what feeders do you use and what do you gutload with?

I provide multi-vitamins once or twice a month to my panthers, from hatching onwards, depending somewhat on what Im feeding them. I use a multi-vitamin that contains beta carotene, not preformed vitamin A. If I used one that contained preformed vitamin A, I might use it quite a bit less often.

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I have reptvite by zoomed for my multi vitamin source. It says Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin A 99,910 UI per l/b 220,264 per kg IU . Did not mention Beta Carotene though. My panther has been fed exclusively crickets so far the 1.5 months Ive had her and i dusted most feedings with repticalcium w/out d3. Gutload mainly with mustard and collard greens oranges and potatoes for hydration. I also used a dry hard granola type gut load that comes with the box of crickets I usually get from reptile shows. I skimmed your blog quickly for now and noticed repetitive has preformed A and to take cation in such type. On the 18th i will introduce silkworms since that will be my next opportunity to get variety of feeders. I felt she was to small to eat anything else that is available to me other than crickets last month. Thanks for your response , tomorrow I will get time to review your blog and the many links you supplied regarding the subject. Thank You
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