mr chameleons eating habits


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hello to all i got my new chameleon yesterday now i know that he probobly wouldnt eat for the first day or so, but it is now morning of the second day of having him is their any techniques to get him to eat sooner than later and secondly ive been spraying water in his cage a fair bit to keep it damp but how do i ensure hes drinking water?
just let him get comfortable. interact as little as possible with it, just let him be. you cant make him eat and trying to would probably have an adverse affect. only way to ensure he is drinking is seeing him drink. providing food and water is all you can really do. he will get it if he needs/wants.
im looking at him now after throwing a few crickets in his cage and he looks like hes going for them.
Yeah, give him time to settle into his new pad. Some take to their new surroundings straight away, others can take a couple of weeks.

Had my lil man a week. He didn't eat for the first 2 days, then ate, then didn't eat for 2 days, then ate a couple of items for 2 days, then today he hasn't eaten anything again.

I'm going to try fruit flies to see if that will persuade him to eat regularly :D
yea hes eating lots now and Ive seen him start drinking when i give him water. but thanks for the help everyone does anyone know when i should start trying to hand feed him? because Ive been handling him a fair bit and hes starting to i guess trust me a fair bit more.
you can try hand feeding as soon as possible as long as its not stressing out the lil guy..if he is reluctant to feed from yer hand you can buy the long tweezers from the shop and try like cham went for the ones held by the weezers much faster than from my bare fingers..
Simba is wary of my hand but will feed from forceps. He ate 7 small morios from the forceps this morning!!! WOOHOO!!!

Hoping fear will phase out as he gets bigger and sees my hand isn't a threat.
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