Moving with a cham Questions?


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Hello all I have a male Panther Cham that is about 1 year old. My wife and I are moving from Colorado to Montana in two weeks. I was wondering what the best way to move a cham is? How do I keep him hydrated etc. The drive is about 10 hours. Any suggestions or pointers would be great. Thanks
Honestly....when they are shipped they get put in a platic deli cup with a damp paper towl. Get a really big plastic "deli cup" and put him in there with a damp paper towl. He should be fine.

When I have to haul one to the vet, a 45 minute trip, I use a ~1 cubic foot box with some cloth padding and a nice, secure branch to hold onto. They usually fall asleep shortly after closing the box making complete darkness. Make sure that he is fully tanked-up before the trip and he should be okay for the 10 hour trip. Enough air should transfer around the box edges.
I'm moving mine on a 6 hour trip next saturday. Was planning on putting him in a box with towels, his fake vines, and a wet towel. Also I bought this mesh to cover the top for air and light.
What about a small flex with some fake plants,and give him a spay every now and then,treat him like a human at least he will have some air gotta be better than going in a soild box??
I have traveled with my chameleons before in a small screened cage with plants & vines and brought a sprayer bottle with me for water. Worked great.

I think my panther loved it as I had the top down and he basked the whole way too :) .
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