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I don't own a chameleon yet, but I am planning on getting one and am just doing lots of research for the time being. One question I have been wondering is what are some ways you take care of your chameleon if you have to move? Thanks!
I've moved several times with mine and I just put them in a container with a towel at the bottom (a dark container works best) and just move them that way. Then I set up their cages in the new place and remove them from their containers. Other people sometimes put them in a small plant and hold them on their lap for a short drive (obviously someone else has to be driving) but I have too many to do that, and my moves are always several hours away.
I had to take a 5 hour trip for Christmas and had to take my guy with me. I put him in a smaller cage with his tree, buckled the seat belt across it, and we were good to go. It wasn't the best but it worked... Next time I have to move my guy it'll be in a small box with paper in it.
Your welcome, if the box is kept dark enough he'll fall asleep and stay asleep for the whole ride. As long as he has something to grasp on i'm sure he'll be good.
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