Mouth rot? Emerald update. Please help!


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I posted a few days ago about my veiled chameleon (Emerald) and his gaping. I had not noticed any issues with his mouth, however today I noticed that his teeth look slightly black (he has had berries in the past week), but it did look like he had some stringy mucus maybe near the edges of his mouth. I will upload a photo and a video of his mouth today. Just wanted to confirm that it was mouth rot, I had been worried about a RI, but it seems like it may be his mouth. Please let me know what you guys think and what to do to help him!!! He is scheduled for a vet visit on friday.


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I have to agree with @MissSkittles and @Beman ... I don't see any signs of mouth rot or stringy saliva.

It might be that he's grown up now and just getting a bit of attitude.

Is he doing it even when you're not in the room?
Is there anything that has changed in the room? Mirror he can see? Pets he can see?

A visit with a good chameleon vet is likely the best option if you can't figure it out.
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