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I have been delaying posting this thread but I felt it was time to share it with my chameleon bretheren :D.

On 11/5/10, while cleaning one of my enclosures that was being occupied by a female Ambilobe I found a neonate in a puddle of water. Initially, I thought it was dead because of the dark coloration and lack of movement. To my surprise, he was alive and well. I moved him into a temporary enclosure and I hoped that he would be alive upon my return home from work. Well, not only was he alive but I found two additional neonates roaming the same enclosure. Shocked, I moved all three neonates to a small screened enclosure along with the planter from the females cage.

Fast forward two weeks, 24 neonates emerged from the planter. Unbeknown to me, the female laid her eggs in the small 6" planter and they remained there for the duration of the incubation period, approximately 8-10 months. The clutch was beastly in nature, eating and drinking like machines. Currently, the oldest are four months old but are reminiscent in size/color to chams at 6-7 months. They were sired by my orange body blue bar Ambilobe breeder Yamz and paired to a orange/red body blue bar Ambilobe female sired by Bonaroo of the Chameleon Company.

The results, see for yourself :D.

Pic 1 - Sire Yamz
Pic 2 - 5 - clutch mates (note...pic 2 & 3 are not of the same animal)

Now you know why I have been hoarding the clutch ;-).


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What is the world did those tiny things find to eat? I would be afraid they would starve. Glad you found them and got them into a proper cage.
I believe I found them as they hatched. Luckily, the female did not attack any of them. The remaining 21 all hatched in a separate enclosure free of the adult female.

I fed them fruit flies for one week and crickets thereafter.

The clutch has been VERY consistent. Speakiing as an enthusiast, every animal is stunning.

Here is another :).


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that is amazingly lucky that momma didnt have herself a couple snacks LOL
congrats and they all look nice!!!!!!
Awesome looking lil guys! I have never heard of this happening! And it was a good thing Mama didnt make them a snack!!
that is awesome....and you must have caught them early! thank goodness!!!

beautiful babies! :)
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