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so i have a 3 month old vield chameleon and i like him a lot i was wondering if i were to ever get another chameleon would i need a separate cage or if my cage was big enough could they live together

im a first time chameleon owner so im still learning but so far im just fascinated by him
Not usually. My rule is, if you have to ask this question, then you aren't knowledgable enough to do it. While it is possible to do it, it requires a lot of time, attention, knowledge, and care. Even experienced keepers have failed at such a task. Many times the animals are stressed by eachother and it results in one or both becoming ill/injured/dead. I would not suggest even attempting it without several years of keeping several animals. The subtle signs of stress can be very EASY to miss in chameleons, not to mention each individual animal has its own signals.

EDIT: for anyone who is going to say that the male will consantly try to breed with the female and that the female will lay tons of eggs, that is not always the case. It has been proven that the animals can and do lay less often and that the males do not constantly try to mate with the female.
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