More photos of cb high white amilobe

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... so there's something crazy in the gene pool, but do cap ests even show color like this at 7-8 months? i know the tamataves we've had didn't.
The notion of a recessive gene showing itself in the form of heavy white patterning/barring, especially around the face, is plausible but would be extremely rare, making your guys hyper unique. Just because there is a higher than normal percentage of white present on an ambilobe does not mean its lineage has been discredited, although there could have been some hybridization in the past. Here is a picture of my ambilobe Orion, he also has a photo in this months contest. The white patterning along the gular region as well as the area leading up toward his casque, behind is eye, is very apparent, and he is most certainly 100% pure locale. I have paired him with one of your male's female siblings, I am eager to see the outcome so I might be able to provide you with additional information regarding this matter.
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