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OK here are the pics of my attempt at my first pygmy enclosure. Please let me know whats wrong right and needs inprovement.


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make sure the food cant hide and eat fake things the pigs cant eat :p. in my waxy monkey frog tank, (exo terra-foam backround) the crickets would hide behind the background AND EAT IT...NOW THEY ARE EATING THE VINES THAT CAME WITH IT?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
In my opinion you need way more small sticks for them to crawl on and thicker foliage for them to hide in. Mine prefer to use all the levels of their viv, which is the same size as yours I think. In the morning they head to the top and the afternoon they're usually around the bottom and they sleep in the middle most of the time. Their feet are so tiny they need small things to grasp to be able to get around well. And the more foliage and small sticks you have the more protected they will feel so they'll be more visible instead of just hiding. I noticed mine a lot easier once I added more 'highways' because they were more active. The foliage on the bottom is good, maybe add some fake stuff on the upper half until the plants grow in.

Here's a pic of mine when I first started. I've added even more sticks on the top left corner since then and my little male almost sleeps on them now.

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I was just about to suggest the fake vine, but you got it. I think it looks good.

I created a natural enclosure, similar to what you have there, for neonate Trioceros Jacksonii Xantholophus. But, they did not live through birth, and I now use it for my male Furcifer Verrucosus. I like the Exo-Terras better, than using screen, or in you case, an aquarium, because I feel the holes are put in the location they are because it gives it optimal ventilation. They are great for regulating humidity, and these are perfect.

Although they hold mositure well, one thing you need to make sure of is the fact that the substrate needs to stay moist. If allowed to dry up some, it will make the humidity hard to control. What I do, is once a week, I water it, and allow it to absorb the water. I mist the enclosure twice a day, for about 30 seconds to about a minute each misting. So, it normally is moist enough to do its job.

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