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This morning my chameleon started molting. Now I've seen her molt before, but tonight when I got home she is much darker than she usually is. She's not black, but she's not the same vibrant green. She also seems to be a little more wobbly when she moves around on the branches. She also ate the mealworms and crickets I gave her today. I don't notice any real difference in her joint movements either.

Is it possible this molting is just stressing her out? Most of her old skin is off now. Do they get tired trying to rub and scratch it all off? And if so, can I help her finish molting?

Wobbly? It could be your chameleon had MBD and not strong enough (thats the worst case senario). Many chameleon do climb and move in a wobbly way. It is their way to blends into the surrounding mimicking moving leaves when wind blows. If your chameleon is eating and drinking fine and have a strong grip when you hold it, it should be fine.

Molting for many reptile is pretty stressful as it is the time when they cant blend into the surrounding and quite exposed to the naked eye. You could help your chameleon to shed... i try to rub it off gently then pulling it off the skin. If there are still afew pieces attached to the skin, just wait for a few days. If still hanging, you could use some vaseline/ oil/ water and try to get it off.
Thanks for the advice. I think you were right, and she was just stressed during this molting. I helped her with some skin under her arms and chin and this morning she's back to her usual self!
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