mold in my fruit fly cultures?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BocaJan, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Anyone know why I am getting mold in my ff cultures? I have followed posted recipes but invariably after about a week I get mold and you don't gestate many fruit flies with moldy culture media.
  2. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    hi, I dont know anything about the mold! But, i know you are in Florida and so am I. You gave me the vets number(thank you) Any idea where I can get some silk worms of horn worms. My cham is not wanting to eat crickets all the sudden and Alls I have are superworms. Thanks for your help!
  3. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Only 2 places I know are Underground and Ben Siegals.
  4. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    ok thanks!
  5. CleaTheChameleon

    CleaTheChameleon New Member

    It may be to moist. That my only guess
  6. james L

    james L Established Member

    FF's in S.FL are just a pain! It may just be a little to warm and humid. It happens to mine. If the flies are fine, I would say use them, but if it looks like the mold is doing any real damage, ditch em. Thats sort of my method. I also try and keep my cultures near a A/C vent, but be warned they do dry out if kept near one for to long.
  7. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    If it's black in the bottom don't use them. Lizbeth lost 2 clutchs of panther babies (over 60 babies) at the same time with fruit flies where the food/stuff in the bottom turned black.
  8. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Does anyone have any tried and true culture recipes? mine is just baby oatmeal, banana, vinegar and a sprinkle of yeast.
  9. kearth

    kearth New Member

    I got one that works great. I make about 20-25 cultures a week and 95% of them time I dont have a problem.

    I also sell it on my web site and have had no complaints.

    Shoot me a pm and I willsend you the recipe.
  10. FFSTRescue

    FFSTRescue New Member

    The Fruit Fly Shop ( sells a mold inhibitor (methyl paraben powder) that works really well to prevent mold. I buy their FF food which has the mold inhibitor in it and I never have mold problems
  11. Warrix642

    Warrix642 New Member

    My room is very hot and humid but Snail-Tail-Flies cultures worked for over a month! I would get some from him or buy his mix. He claims he can get your FF cultures going cheaper than anyone in the US because he buys in bulk. I am about to get some more from him!


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