Mold and SUperworms


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Hey everyone!
I have a concern about my superworms... I accidently left a piece of carrot a little too long in my cointainer of superworms. I use oatmeal as substrate for them to swim around. THe Carrot molded slightly and I removed pieces of oatmeal that had mold on them. My question is: Is this batch of Superworms no longer good for my cham? If they eat these Superworms, is there a chance that they could get sick from it? I have in the past, had fruits and vegetables mold a little bit in my cricket containers but removed them @ the first sign. I still fed the crickets and my chams were fine.
Anyways, not to ramble but what do you guys think?
They will be fine. Ensure lots of ventilation in the super tub and change off food before it moulds. A screen lid can be easily devised by way of cutting out the middle of the tub lid (leaving only 3-4" all round) and heat welding flyscreen mesh over the top. :)
speaking of mold,i have recently went to the little pet store where i purchase my cricx and other things and i went to buy some little crix for my pygmy and all the bug tubs were so full of mold i was appalled as the store just recieved their shipment in the same hr as i went to purchase!!:eek: i said "no thank you "to the crix,(i still had a few) and i said i didnt want to purchase any of them due to the fact that 3/4 of the 100 were dead and the rest you couldnt even see as a result of the mold!! just when i was getting ready to leave the store,the manager was going to take out the "alive crix" and put them in clean mold free cont's!! i was and am now very concerned as to where they purchase their crix and other bugs from:eek: as i have learned from here that crix can become contaminated and actually cause serious harm to otherwise healthy chams:( so should i be freaking out over this? i thaught maybe i should contact the owner of this store as they have another store an hr away and express my concern and convey the importance of maintaing healthy crix and other bugs??? i certainly wouldnt want to eat anything that was moldy or that was fed mold before i consumed it..i think i will print off a cham care sheet and info on gutloading correctly and hand it to them,i really hope they dont get offended as i only want to help and dont want anyone's reptiles getting ill...geez my posts seem so long,i just cant convey my questions or comments simply,sorry for this lol(forgot to mention they were planning on selling the crix after transferring them to mold free containers) sick i say!
Thanks guys for replying... So how sick could chams get? And do you think that once feeders have been exposed to mold, should that batch of feeders just be thrown out?
Same happens to me once in a while. I have had to pour all the contents of the tub--worms and meal--onto a newspaper and pick all the worms out to put them in fresh, nonmoldy meal. That was an experience! The worms start crawling off the paper in all directions with impressive speed--it was hard to keep up.

As said in the other posts, ventilation is key--you really don't even need a top on the container--the worms don't crawl out.
just for that reason is why i'm farming all my stuff. either they don't have any or most of them are dead. once i get things going good going to start selling them to local people.
Thanks guys for replying... So how sick could chams get? And do you think that once feeders have been exposed to mold, should that batch of feeders just be thrown out?

Thats rather drastic and unnecessary, if you ever get mites on the other hand, nuke the lot! trust me. :D "scratch scratch"
Provided you removed any moldy media they will be fine mate! :)
I buy superworms in bulk because I have other retiles besides the chameleons. I change the vegetables and stuff every 3 days and the oats get changed once a month. I have had a little mold and removed it. I've been keeping superworms for about 5 months now and my lizards have been fine.
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