Modified my enclosure a bit let me know what you think!


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Please leave any comments or suggestions. Im sure there is something i could do better!


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Looks good! Only thing i can see is maybe add some more branches near the top section? Chams like to spend the majority of there time near the top amoung the leaves. Your cage looks great!

One las thing i noticed, do the temps get too hot near your heat lamp? i'm a worry wort when it comes to burns, it's always something to watch out for.

Looks good. I would just add some more branches around the top so he can sit between 6-12" from his UVB lamp and basking spot and be able to wander around up there.
Looks good maybe add some vines in the front as well. Leave room for you binoculars! Least I need them for hissy pants Apocalypse! That is the most serious lizard I have ever met!:rolleyes:
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