mnt meru jaksons

Id think you could go even a tad smaller, they are quite small. I would more importantly suggest packing it FULL of thick live vegitation. With an open basking area of course.
I'm currently keeping my meru in an 18x18x30 with lots of vegetation. The humidity requirement to keep them happy is ridiculous though. I have my enclosure setup inside of a varnished wooden box with a thick vinyl/plastic sheet hanging over one side to allow be able to see in, and i have ventilation holes in the back side where my automated mister and humidifer are setup. It may seem like this was all unnecessay, but I have to do it in order to keep the humidity constantly above 65% (preferrably around 80% at night). Depending on how high the ambient humidity is in your area, you may want to setup something and play around with it before you actually get your meru to ensure you can keep the humidity high enough.
It is definitely great to see another person here interested in keeping these wonderful little guys!:)
how do u find out which sub-species your jacksons cham is? I have pics on my profile if anyone finds anything that would be nice, my setup is about 5.5ft tall 3.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet deep... i have 2 dwarf umbrella tree's providing a thick spot and he has open area above and below... my humidity stays over 60% all of the time, he eats plenty and seems to be happy any tips would be helpful i will update my pics and put my enclosure on for everyone to see tonight
That is definitely not a mount meru jackson's, but I couldn't say specifically whether it was a jacksonii or a xanth. My best guess would be that it's a xanth though.
thanks for the info i will be running a hummidifire i think thats how you spell it lol so that should take care of the humidity

I would not recommend this species unless you have some previous chameleon experience, preferably with another montane species. I don't have any first hand experience with jacksonii meru., but I have been interested in these guys for a long time. From what I have read, they can be very delicate. A proper temperature drop at night can be a challenge and the required humidity is not easy to achieve.
are the other types of jaksons as hard to keep becase the sites i have been going to and books i have say they are 1 of the starter species srry didint see the other post
wow said:
are the other types of jaksons also harder to keep then a veiled or panther
In my opinion, all three jascksonii sub-species are more difficult to care for indoors compared to veileds or panthers. My first hand experience with jacksonii is limited, but I believe many would agree.
All three types are quite similar. Remember, they are subspecies. Similar requirements and demands. It would be best to gain some experience before keeping these ones. Though I can certainly understand why there is such a draw to them, especially the smallest nominate.
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