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I was viewing the Mistking because we go out of town sometimes and my husband was asking what about our Cham getting water and I saw this system online and saw it was $99 which to me is a good price considering. I did not see a bucket of any sort and I was wondering if this $99 setup would be ok for 1 Cham and what-else do I need to go with it? Thank you all for all the info. If it wasn't for this forum and all the knowledgeable folks I would be up a creek without a paddle!
i actually just bought one for my lil guy. so far i love it!! and from reading about it the $99 starter kit says it can support up to 10 nozzles. I just have a single nozzle and im thinking of getting another nozzle to better cover my huge cage lol. When i bought it i just got the kit and added a screen top support to mount it in my cage. total with shipping was about $135. (shipping was $30 to the US)
from what I hear the $99 should be fine for one (I have the next up mainly because I wanted more nozzles) it doesn't come with a bucket but any water tight contaner will work.

all you need is the system, bucket/contaner and a way to put a hole in the bucket (drill and the correct size bit, sorry I don't remember what size)
Thank you all so very much! I think this is the one I am wanting. I believe it said free shipping on the site or I could be wrong? I better go look again.
Get one for sure. It is the best investment for your cham you can make. I love mine. Its running 7 cages at the moment. Its amazing.
i just got my second system and love it as much as my first great product and customer service.
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